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During economic boom business leaders did not think twice to allocate web marketing budget for the company’s products and services. Marketing managers of recession hit companies are in dilemma to allocate budgets for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Optimization (SMO).

During economic slowdown axe always fall on the marketing budgets and Web marketing is always first to casualty as senior management is assume and is convinced that their products have already created brand image and they don’t have to travel extra mile to promote it again.

Often the marketing managers speculate and attempt the success formula during economy slowdown and illogically allocate marketing budgets for various marketing components where SEO, SEM and SMO are listed in the last few options which may get acute budget chunk.

The greatest paradox is that the same CEO, CTO, CIO, Marketing managers and senior management who use latest internet enabled gizmos and portray company image as new economy company are short of understanding the importance of web marketing gizmos (aka web marketing tools).

Marketing managers should understand that building crisp, clean and visually attractive website is good but may not appeal the existing customer and perspective customers. If content is considered as the king then SEO is the playground and strong ally of content to enable website in search ranking and SEM is the wrapper medium which integrates SEO, websites, business and internet marketing.

Website without updated content, SEO and SEM activity is similar to having old dusty printed brochure accumulating dust in marketing department shelf. Internet marketing takes more efforts than mere website with product catalogs. User friendly rich and optimized content, relevant keywords, web links fan-in and fan-out, meaningful titles and descriptions are some of the “must have” ingredients for successful market focused website.

Clear understanding of SEO concepts such as metatags, key words, sitemaps, etc and careful long term and continuous planning will ensure company website to rank high on different search engines. SEO shortcut techniques such as article spinning, link farms, keyword stuffing, etc may surely help to increase the rank of company website on various search engines but this may not last for longer duration as search engines are now more matured and understand unethical tricks of black hat SEO’s.

Beyond SEO and SEM marketing managers should now enlighten themselves with new concepts such as reputation management, lean marketing, etc. Reputation management is one of the prime examples of how online marketing is reshaping and maturing itself. Similar to carefully planning and deciding traditional marketing budgets funds allocation and careful planning is also required for company online marketing. Website with rich content, RSS feeds, Blogging, social and industry news besides active involvement of SEO can definitely sail the shrinking business. With

As usual often executive decisions are late on digital marketing so acting rationally and smartly we can always new generation smart and competent young freelancer / sole entrepreneurs (example: Paras Pandya) to help us quickly mature our SEO, SMM and digital marketing gameplan.



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