Customer Experience in Digital World

Recently I was part of interesting and fantastic discussion on CX in digital world topic at a round table discussion on blog topic. Section of discussion was on new channels for customer experience and interaction.


As usual topic of virtual digital assistant was hot topic during discussion and few favored voice only assistants such as Amazon Echo and Alexa as next big thing and others were with voice driven assistant Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana and Google Home. Discussion ended inconclusive and extending discussion further here with my views.

Although there are multiple ways to define digital CX service channels, I look at it from human senses dimension perspective or another classification is for industrial and home usage market perspective.


I perceive popular gadgets such as Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana, Amazon Echo, Google Home, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Apple watch and many more as Virtual Digital Assistants and serve different purposes. Each of these commercial gadgets has few common purpose and few differentiation. Some have common features and some are unique with single purpose and limited features.

CX service channel gadgets market was seeing continuous but slow improvements however advances in Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Artificial intelligence and cloud computing boosted attention from major global players and smart home gadget market growth is multiplying.

Returning back to the topic following table helps us to identify in general the purpose served by different gadget from human sense service perspective.







Smart watch 

– Apple

– Samsung

– Fitbit

Smart glasses

– Microsoft Halolens

– Google glasses

– Oculus Rift

– Samsung Gear VR

– Apple Siri

– Microsoft Cortana

– Amazon Alexa and Echo

– Google Home


Note: Above table is for indicative purpose only and may not cover all commercially available gadgets.


Market is always evolving with new products and new exciting gadgets will enter the market however the user acceptance rate will define their survival and will shape them. Gadgets survival rate in market will depends upon user adoption based on their senses.

For example Apple Siri and Microsoft Cortana can be categorized as voice driven assistant and Amazon Alexa is more of voice only assistant. Siri, Cortana and Alexa all gives respond to customer questions with intelligent answers but each has different user market segment. Siri is now embedded in some cars and Cortana will be embedded into multiple IoT devices. Similarly IBM has Watson virtual agent with Bluemix which offers more visual and text based interaction with users.


So besides voice only assistant and voice based assistant multiple gadgets offer different level of interaction to users and customers with different level of capabilities and features.

Its surely exciting times in this domain and I believe that gadgets which are simplistic and will be seamlessly integrated with other smart gadgets or conventional gadgets will lead or will survive in the market.

Google glass called back as user acceptance and adoption rate was slow although it was superior technical product. Similarly Apple iPod are rarely now used as smartphone are better alternative with multi-purpose usage.


Similarly Smart mirrors are exciting products for retail businesses and may find some level of utility for domestic purposes however I am skeptical about Amazon Alexa integrated with built-in camera as users may interpret it as invasion in their privacy. However Amazon Alexa with touch screen will be promising gadget as it will transform Alexa from voice only assistant to touch feel + visual feel  + audio hearing feel device with exponential utility.


Conclusion is digital assistants in any form which impact our senses surely offer effective communication channels and will definitely reshape our way next wave of interaction from text based search using google search engine on computers to engaging multiple senses besides visual sense only approach. However open field will not be limited to text based or text only or virtual chat or virtual reality or augmented reality based gadgets. All current and future digital interactive channels will have to focus on human senses and will have to find meaningful utility, simplicity and cultural aspects to succeed and to remain for long in the market.



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